Due to the shortage of the community center classroom,  we decided to merge level 0 and level 1 into one level. Also, we will have level 4 class at Jesus Coffee shop next to the community center.

In level 1 class, we will teach how to read Korean for 2~3 weeks. If you want to join the level 1 class in the middle of the semester, please make it sure you have basic knowledge of reading Korean.

We really want to keep our 5 classes and have been trying hard to keep those classes. But due to the community center’s policy disabled us to keep those classed. Please understand. Thanks!!


1. 2014  Third Semester Schedule 

Saturday Class   Level 1 ~ 4   4:00 ~ 5:30 PM

Oct/18 LESSON 01
Oct/25 LESSON 02
Nov/01 LESSON 03
Nov/08 LESSON 04
Nov/15 LESSON 05
Nov/22 LESSON 06
Nov/29 LESSON 07
Dec/06 LESSON 08
Dec/13 LESSON 09
Dec/20 LESSON 10


Thursday Class   Level 1 ~ 2   7:30 ~ 9:00 PM

Oct/16 LESSON 01
Oct/23 LESSON 02
Oct/30 LESSON 03
Nov/06 LESSON 04
Nov/13 LESSON 05
Nov/20 LESSON 06
Nov/27 LESSON 07
Dec/04 LESSON 08
Dec/11 LESSON 09
Dec/18 LESSON 10






GAL WOL COMMUNITY WELFARE CENTER     갈월 종합 사회 복지관 51-19 Galwol-dong (144 Huamdong-gil), Yongsang-gu, Seoul   Registration – The Entrance Hall (1F) Level 0 –  6th Floor Level 0, 2 – 6th  Floor Level 1, 3, 4 -2nd Floor I would like to recommend you to use SUBWAY (blue line)! If you come to Sookmyong Women’s University Station, go out through exit number 2!! You will see a main street on your right. Don’t turn around, don’t turn left or right, just follow the road around. You will pass the bakery on the next junction and keep walking until you see a sign saying “Namyoung-doing office” in English (it will take about 3-5 minutes). Our building is located next to the Namyoung-dong office (between Namyoung-dong office and a school). It is a very modern building. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any English sign, we will try to put a small sign on the main door, if it is possible, dear. Walk into the building and take the elevator to the main entrance for registration. If you have any problem to locate our new building or if you have any question, please call Haemin 010-3374-9389, Sanhyun 010-6807-8985  


LEVEL  0 + 1    Basic class for Basic Korean learners

We teach how to read Korean for 2~3 weeks. If you want to join the class in the middle of the semester, please make it sure that you have basic knowledge of reading Korean.

- taught in English Korean words, basic grammar, useful expression

LEVEL 2 – Class for Beginners and low intermediates – taught in English & Korean

Amazingly there are a lot of people who tried to learn Korean by themselves. And many of them reach the level of reading and writing Korean language! And shockingly they stop trying there!!^^ This class is for them who can read and write but need a lot of practice!!  It is using 야생 한국어 – Wild Korean textbook.   It is highly recommended to purchase this book for this class. You can buy it in the class.

LEVEL 3 – Intermediate Level – taught in Korean

This class is for people who can read and write well but need some grammatical understanding and practice. It is focused on improving speaking ability with a grammatical understanding of Korean language. It is to help people’s understanding of basic structures of Korean language so that people can create their own sentences using the frame that they learn. It is not a Grammar classes! You will learn basic structures which are hidden in Korean daily conversation!

LEVEL 4 –  Advanced Level – taught in Korean

This class is for the student who can speak Korean quite well and wants to practice his/her Korean more!

Due to the shortage of classroom, we have this class at a coffee shop next to the community center.



Not Necessary! We will ask you to fill out a simple form asking about you! After filling out that form, you can take part in our class!! Since we are not a language institute, there is not a term or a semester! A new visitor can take one of the classes at any Saturday when she/he makes her/his first visit


It depends on teachers. We visit a big book store(Kyobo bookstore) to check if any good book for students is published! If a teacher uses a text book, he/she will make copies of the materials for students! So you don’t have to worry about this! Level 2 class  is using 야생 한국어 – Wild Korean textbook.   It is highly recommended to purchase this book for this class. You can buy it in the class.

6. F.A.Q.

There are some questions that I have been asked by people who called me or e-mailed me to ask about our Korean Classes. You can see other detail information on our classes in “intro” though. Q1. How many students do you have? Usually there are more than 50 students including new visitors. And nowadays, I mean, for the last 2 weeks there were more than 40 students. We have 4 classes for each level from the total beginner to the advanced. And there are 12-15 students for each class. Nowadays we have a lot of students who just start their Korean study. So we will have to think of changing the classroom for the bigger one. Q2. Where are they from? Nationalities of our students are very various. USA, Canada, England, Scotland, China, New Zealand, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, Israel, South Africa, France… I will have to add more … Q3. do you have any textbook?   As I said above, it depends on the teachers for each class. But I believe there will be some friends who really want to have the specific information about the materials. It is for you! Each level, teachers prepare the copies which they will teach of the day. Just donate 1,000 Won for your copies after class. Q4. Why is it free? Good-will, give and take. Q5. What do I have to carry for taking the class? As I said, you don’t have to carry anything except some basic things for studying such as a pen and some paper. When you safely arrive at our classroom, we will ask you to fill out an information form about yourself. And you can try any class that you are interested in. and if it is too easy or too difficult for you to follow, you can stand up and move into a different class! No problem!! Q6. Do I need to register for the class? It is already answered above, isn’t it? Since we are not a language institute or like that there is no specific semester or term. But we try to make our class more informative and helpful for you guys, so new idea and comments on the classes will be greatly appreciated. More question about our classes? You know what to do… Please feel free to contact Haemin(Hannah) or  Sanghyun  

171개의 답글 to “FREE KOREAN CLASS”

  1. Mandy (Eun Ae) Says:


    Thanks for offering this! I’m so excited to come out the first free Sautrday that I have!

    I’ve bought some Korean language books (the Survival Korean series), but I find reading the Korean difficult, and am a perfectionist when I’m learning to read/speak a new language!

  2. kongbubang Says:

    You’re welcome, just come and enjoy yourself learning Korean :)
    Take enough time till you can read korean fluently, I suggest all signs in street are your materials for reading Korean.
    See you on Saturday!

  3. Harry Says:

    Please do you have any class close to bundang.

  4. kongbubang Says:

    Sorry, We dont have any classes close to bundang. We only have class in seoul but many students make travel from suwon, gimpo and bundang also. =)

  5. Peter Says:

    Is it too late to enrol
    for this weekend saturday? (2nd August 2008)

    I’m very excited in joing this

    Thanks in advance

  6. kongbubang Says:

    Anytime welcome,
    We dont have semester, so just join us.
    I hope to see you tomorrow :)(2nd August!)

  7. Jonathan Knight Says:

    Hello. My name is Jonathan from England and I have recently moved to Seoul to work.

    I am looking to join the first stage Korean lessons (absolute beginner) that you teach every Saturday. Your website says that there are no fixed terms etc. If so, how does the teaching work with regard to a total newcomer like me integrating with the teaching programme for people who have already been attending beginner’s classes?

    Thank you.

    Jonathan Knight.

  8. Hailie Says:

    Hi Jonathan

    First of all, you can start from chapter 1 of any level but you might have to wait for weeks or months, so we suggest that you just start anytime and go over after one session. You can also go up to next level if you feel you are ready. If you really want to start from the beginning, you might want to talk to the teacher who is in charge of each level and she/he will tell you when the new session starts.

    Plus, total beginners usually take level 0 or 1 for over 4 weeks to get used to korean alphabets. If you study hard and are able to speak and read korean quite well, you can go to next level whenever you want. There is no limit how many times you take one level either. It’s toally up to you.

    Study hard and do not miss class then your korean ability would get better soon.

    Bye for now.

  9. Dylan Says:

    I would like to join your classes as soon as possible but I’m not sure if I should be in level 1 or level 2. Do you have a level test? Would it be possible to join the class October 4th or 11th?

    Thank you.


  10. den Says:

    hi~ i like to try and join your class. im just fixing my schedule so that i can include this class to my activities. i hope to see you soon~

  11. kongbubang Says:

    Hello Dylan

    We don’t have any level test but you can check materials when you come to class. You can join any time you want, but We will go field trip on October 4th. You can join there too!

    Thank you

  12. kongbubang Says:

    Hello den

    Yeah! I look forward to seeing you in the class! See you tomorrow

  13. misha Says:

    I am definitely at Level 0. Should I wait for the course to begin again or just attend the next Saturday? Thanks!

  14. MAY ARROYO Says:


    I am really amazed to know about the services you are offering for free through (Korean Herald online), I was really looking for classes like this which best suit for those who works during weekdays.

    I hope I can join you this coming Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008, please let me know if you do have class by then.

    Thanks and hope to see you soon,


  15. Aimee Says:

    I want to join your class and I am just wondering when the new session start for Level 0.

  16. Lena Says:

    I am an American teacher living in Siheung, south of Seoul. I am very much interested in the beginner class and would like to come this Saturday, Dec 13th. I hope I can find the location.

  17. Julia Boyle Says:

    Wow! I can’t believe there are free classes! I’m so excited and can’t wait to join! I’ll be there on Sat. Is that ok?
    I’ve been here for 5 months and know the very basics but, no grammar really.
    Julia Boyle

  18. nanmugavel Says:

    hai dylan,

    i want to join level 2 class. in level 2 how many students are studying now.

    is this good time to join or i need to wait some time..

  19. teacher4708 Says:

    Are these classes still being offered?

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Yes Of course, we still have classes and ever after ;) If you are ready, just join us!

  20. maha Says:

    am maha ,iwill join from saturday ,iam level 3 ithinck ,so how long it take to study one level and finish it

    1. kongbubang Says:

      One semester makes up for 10 lessons. You can check our schedule on the homepage menu “semester”
      Thank you :)

  21. Rebecca Says:

    hi, i am excited to join your classes. I will attend on saturday the 9th of may..I will be in 0 level definately! thanks!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      woo hoo~ Im excited to see you in our Korean classes. See you next Saturday :)

  22. Michael Says:

    Hey. I’ve been in Korea for 2 1/2 months and I can’t believe I didn’t find out about these classes sooner. I’ll plan on showing up next Saturday. I’m a level 1 or 2 maybe. Thanks for doing this! -Michael

    1. kongbubang Says:

      You’re welcome~ :)

  23. Tsatsaa Says:

    hi, i want to join your class, but the problem is i’m not free on every Saturday. it depends on my work schedule. Is it possible if stuty on Saturdays when i have a time?

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Yeah, You can come when you are possible. :)

      1. Tsatsaa Says:

        appreciate your reply, see you on 08 Aug at class,

  24. Steve Says:


    Great that you take the trouble to offer these classes for free in your spare time – thank you!

    I would like to join on 08 Aug – what time do you suggest I arrive to register etc?


    1. kongbubang Says:

      Thank you for showing your interest toward our korean classes. If you want to make registration form, please come by 3 50 pm, at least :)

      Thank you

  25. Joanne Says:

    Just came back from my first experience at Kongbubang (level 3). Absolutely wonderful. My teacher is really friendly, really tries to make the lessons fun and easy for us to absorb / appreciate.

    The lessons are really easy to follow, well structured out with live examples.

    Previously I’ve always been studying alone.
    It’s definitely more fun to stay this way, with teacher who has a passion, and with other students who with a common goal.

    Thank you for such great work.

  26. Coleen Says:

    Hi! I am highly considering about taking your classes. I have a Korean background and can speak a little Korean. I do have a question though: if I come this Saturday to apply, could you help me in deciding which beginner’s class I should start with? Thank you!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hi Coleen
      We have program “Learning Korean folk song” in this week, same building “갈월종합복지센터” 5th floor =)
      We don’t have classes in this weekend. I remember you email me also, I look forward to seeing you there! :D

  27. Kumbae Says:

    I am 18 and a korean citizen and i just recently got to korea after about 14 years so my korean isnt that great yet and I was wondering if korean citizens could also attend these classes.

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Of course, You can join our classes =) We have Korean-american students also. In this weekend, We have a program “Learning Korean folk song” , same building “갈월종합사회복지관” 5th floor. If you want to attend it, please come by 3 30pm Thanks

  28. 이종택 Says:

    저는 동양공전/서울대학교에서 강의하는 이종택이라 합니다. 외국인(서양인)을 대상으로 2페이지 분량의 설문조사를 하려고 합니다. 동서양 비교 연구 자료를 수집중입니다. 사례비로는 각자 5000원 상당이 문화상품권 준비하였습니다. 도와주시면 감사하겠습니다.

    이종택 드림.

    1. kongbubang Says:

      답변이 너무 늦어서 죄송합니다. 영문으로 설문지를 만들어 오시면 가능할 것 같습니다. 감사합니다.

  29. galene Says:


    I just found out about these classes and was wondering if there is class this weekend (oct 24) or next weekend (oct 31)


    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hello =) Sorry for late reply. Yes We had classses on that days ;) Please come this Saturday if you did not join us still yet!

  30. Kelly Keneshbaeva Says:


    It’s been about two months being here in Korea. I know some Korean because I studied it…but that was two years ago, and I’ve forgotten a lot. I would love to re-learn and brush up and polish my Korean language skills. I saw that it is currently mid-semester, and I was wondering if there would be a new semester starting soon. I’d absolutely LOVE to join your class, if it was possible! :D I also know Coleen, so we could come together, and would it be okay to bring another friend who is a complete beginner to the Korean language??? :) I’m more than excited to have found this website, I hope that you are still offering classes though.

    Yours Truly,

    Kelly Keneshbaeva

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hello Kelly
      I’m glad to hear from you like to learn Korean! Even we are middle of semester, you can join whenever you want. We make up our courses for new commers. It’s very nice of you to bring your friend to our classes. Yes we are still offering classes, and growing number of teachers and students too. I focus on teaching useful Korean, I also like to hang out with students after classes, that’s important Korean lesson too lol. Anyways, I hope to see you soon. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime!

      Best Regards

      1. Kelly Keneshbaeva Says:

        Hi Hannah,

        I’m very happy to hear that I can join whenever. I think my friends and I will come this Saturday!!! You’re right it is a lesson to just hang outside of class to know the real Korean culture. ^o^ Sookmyong University is one stop away from Myungdong, right?!?! Hopefully, I won’t get lost! See you on Saturday!!! I can’t wait!!


        Kelly Keneshbaeva

  31. Danielle Says:


    I’m interested in coming out either this week or next week to try a class. I see on the post that this is just off exit 2 of the blue line on the subway- do you mean line 1? I think I know where Yongsan is (if it’s near the big electronics place) but I want to make sure so I don’t get lost! Thanks for your help!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Sookmyung women’s University station , it’s line 4. go out through exit number 2!! You will see a main street on your right. Don’t turn around, don’t turn left or right, just follow the road around. You will pass the bakery on the next intersection and keep walking until you see a sign saying “Namyoung-doing office” in English (it will take about 3-5 minutes). You will also pass Domino’s Pizza and LG25 convenience store. The building is located next to the Namyoung-dong office (between Namyoung-dong office and a school). It is a modern building. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any English sign, we will try to put a small sign on the main door if it is possible. We will see an information desk on the first floor.

      1. Danielle Says:

        excellent thank you! I will be coming with a small group, we will see you on Saturday!

  32. Megan Sheehan Says:

    I would like to come and start on of your classes. I see they are on Saturday and that I can start any Saturday (but I did not notice that time on Saturday??? What time are your lessons on Saturday? What should I bring to class?

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hello Megan

      Thank you for showing your interst toward our Korean classes. Yes, We start our new semester this Saturday from 4pm, so please come to our classes at least 3 50pm. Just bring your note and pen, we will give you handout =)
      Thank you.

  33. Adrienne Says:


    Does your new semester start next Saturday (21st)?


    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hi Adrienne

      Yes we start our new semester this Saturday.
      I hope to see you then!! =)

  34. ryan Says:

    Hello! My name is Ryan. I am very much interested in taking the class that I learned about from Facebook. I am looking to start when ever the new Semester starts. I hope Level 1 is the right level for me. I can read Hangeul. I need to learn more basic words and phrases. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hello Ryan
      We start our new semester from this Sat, 21st Nov. I hope you come and join us =) Enjoy Korean life!

  35. Myung Hwa Says:

    Hello! I’m Myung Hwa, and I’d like to know if I can start taking the classes in december or january, because at the moment I’m in a regular course of korean, but my speaking and listening skills need serious improvements. That’s why I would like to know if I can attend classes during winter vacations, which I plan to spend in Seoul.
    Thanks a lot!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hello Myung hwa, Anytime you are ready, welcome to join our classes =)
      We are here for helping your improve your Korean lanaguage skill better.
      I hope to see you soon.
      Thank you.

      Best Regards

  36. beauty Says:

    Hello Ive been in Korea 13 days now. I learned my first day here that it was necessary to learn the language. I am very interested and will have to begin at the lowest level. My biggest fear is getting lost. I’ve never taken the train just the bus to work and I still get turned about from time to time. How long does to take to get there from Songu-ri and if you know what is the route? Thanks so much any help that you provide will be much appreciated!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hello Beauty
      Thank you for showing your interst toward our Korean classes. We start our New semester from this Saturday.
      Can you give me more detail about Songu-ri? Is it in Kyoung-gi do area? You can get our building by subway,
      that’s easiest way and you don’t need to worry about getting lost.
      If you have any questions, feel free to email me anytime.
      Thank you

      Best Regards

    2. Sanghyun Says:

      Song U Ri is near Yang Joo.
      Sorry, I don’t know how you can go into Seoul,
      But Just come to any subway(metro) station which is connected to Seoul Metro System.
      Maybe Jang-Am station could be close from you.
      And find BLUE line of subway line, it’s line number 4, and come to Sook Myung women’s univ Station.

  37. sam Says:

    hello! my name is sam.. i’m interested in taking the class.. I would like to joint on 12 dcmbr…please let me know if you do have class by then ^^ thanks

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hello Sam
      I hope you join us from this Saturday if you are possible. We start our New semester from this Saturday(5th Dec)
      But if you don’t have time on this Saturday, it’s okay you can join next Saturday too.
      Of course, we have classes on 12th December.
      Thank you.

      Best Regards

  38. Moniqa Says:

    I heard there will not be lessons for a few weekends because of Christmas and New Year’s. Will there be lessons this week on Dec. 19?

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Yes we will have classes on Dec. 19. But no classes for Christmas and New Year ;)

  39. Marissa Says:

    Will there be a class on Dec. 26? Is it okay to come during the middle of the semester or should I wait until the start of the next semester? Are the classes still at 4 pm? Thanks, and sorry for so many questions!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      There’s no Classes on Dec. 26 due to Christmas. It’s okay you can come to join classes during the middle of the semester. :) We start from 4 pm. Feel free to ask any questions about our Korean classes :)
      Thank you

  40. kate Says:

    I am very happy to learn about these free korean classes. i am an absolute beginner and only arrived 2 weeks ago! I was wondering when the first lesson after Christmas/New Year is? Saturday the 9th of January? I look forward to meeting you!


    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hi Kate =)
      Yes we will have classes on 9th of January. i hope to see you there!! Merry Christmas and happy New year!

  41. Rene Says:

    Hi, I would like to join your classes this year. When will classes for 2010 start?


  42. Hello Says:

    I just found this site. Do you still offer classes?

  43. There will be a KOTESOl teaching conference coming up on March 27, 2010 12-5pm. Many of your students, English teachers, will attend this. I’m afraid you will have little attendance for this day and many students will be behind a lesson as well. Would you consider not having your class on this Saturday and add an extra week to make up for this?

  44. Lory Anne Says:

    Hi i am a Filipina, i badly needed to learn Korean language. can i still attend this coming Saturday please? thank you so much.^^

  45. Rae Says:

    hi , do you still have classes for the month of April?



  46. Michelle Says:

    I just made it to Korea and heard about these classes. I would love to come out, but just wanted to make sure this information still applied. I see that the last post was in 2009. Do you still offer these classes? Thanks so much.

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hello Michelle
      I’m sorry for late reply. Yes, we are still offering Korean classes.
      If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

  47. christian Says:

    I wish I could attend your classes but on Saturday I cannot make it. Is there any online format of some sort where one can practice Korean with you guys? Could I use this website for asking questions? Thank you!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      =) Hello Christian
      If you want to get materials from classes, please contact each level’s teacher =)
      If you have any questions, feel free to email me any time! (
      Thank you!

  48. David Says:

    Hey I’m so glad I found this post…I’ve been in Korea for a month now and would love to take lessons.

    I just wanted to make sure since the post is a little old…are the classes still going on? If so, I’ll be there this Saturday!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hello David
      Oh..It’s been a month over I reply back to you. I’m so sorry for late reply.
      Yes we are still offering classes, I hope you already came to join our classes. =)
      If not, come this Saturday please!

  49. Matt Says:

    I see it’s been a year since anyone has replied or commented on here. Are classes still being held and are the details still the same????

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Dear Matt
      Yeah.. Nobody uses :Q & A board but here ;)
      I’m sorry to make this blog dead! Yeap, details are same, classes are still offereing!

  50. Hi!

    Your latest post are rather old – so, are you still there?

    Best regards,

    1. …Sorry, just found my answer elsewhere on your blog! Well, see you next time then!

      1. kongbubang Says:

        Dear Mette
        Sorry for late reply. Yes we are still offering Korean classes!
        I hope to see you soon! On this Saturday!

    2. kongbubang Says:

      Hello Mette
      Since other blogs I posted seemed not crowded, I did not post there.. =)
      I will try hard to refresh this blog again! Sorry for late answer.

  51. Gina Says:

    Are the classes still available? I live in Galwol Dong and want to learn so badly! Please email me and let me know or post on here…I will start right away!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Dear Gina,
      =) I hope to see you soon! on this Saturday?! yay!

  52. Gina Says:

    Hi! Are there any classes in December? I am anxious to begin. I can read Hangul but want to learn how to speak better. I live in Galwol Dong and want to go badly!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hello Gina!
      I’m sorry for late reply. Yes we have classes in December. Please come and join us! =)

  53. Edwin G. Says:

    Are these classes still offered? I hope I can still join.

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Sorry for late reply, Yes we are still offering Korean classes. Come to join our Korean kongbubang facebook group too.
      Thank you for expressing your interest toward our Korean classes.

  54. 사브리나 Says:

    I know it is just a month since the last reply but Id like to know if there is class this Saturday (29th)? Bcz of Christmas I was wondering…
    ~Thank you, I really want to join you^^

  55. Grace C Says:

    The clear a repetitious explanation is pretty reassuring. I’m normally a bit intimidated when trying out new stuff but this sounds awesome.

    I’ll definitely head down the first free Saturday I have.

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Thank you.
      We have winter vacation now. I hope to see you 12th Feb.!

  56. Aoife M Says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!! I’m so excited!!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      I’m happy to hear that!
      See you 12th Feb!

  57. 스캇 Says:

    Hey it is now Jan 20 2011.

    Are these classes still running?



    1. kongbubang Says:

      We have winter break now. We will start new semester from 12th Feb.
      Please check semester tab for new semester schedule. :)

  58. Jessica Says:

    I was wondering, if we were able to just drop in when we had the time. Since you’re not semestered or anything we can go one saturday but then miss a few saturdays and then come back again right?

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Yes, since we open every classes, you can drop whenever you have time.
      We start new semester again from 12th Feb, see you ! :)

  59. Yucca Says:

    I just arrived Seoul last week. I was looking for free Korean language class so if the class is still going on, I would like to join.
    I would like to attend tomorrow (April 30th, 2011). Please let me know if the class is still offering.

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Thank you for expressing your interest toward our Korean class.We will start new semester from 14th May. If you want to check semester schedule, please click “semester” tab above. Thank you.~

  60. Sisi Says:

    When is the new sem coming up? Is there any class for today? If no, what about next week? Coz I’m Planning to join class Within these 2wks, thank you for yr time.


    1. kongbubang Says:

      Thank you for expressing your interest toward our Korean class.We will start new semester from 14th May. If you want to check semester schedule, please click “semester” tab above. Thank you.

  61. Says:

    I took Level 2 a few months ago. I totally enjoyed the classes and since I have taking the class I find I have more confidance to try out my Korean. I’m thinking of going for level 3 in a few weeks. So to anyone thinking of joining I definately recommend this as a great way to learn Korean and have fun!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Wow’ thank you very much! :D

  62. valli Says:

    Hi,I would like to attend the begineer class from this saturday

    1. kongbubang Says:

      I hope you already joined us! :D Sorry for late reply

    1. kongbubang Says:

      You’re welcome, my pleasure

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  64. Alan Jung Says:

    I can help you guys on learning Korean. you can add me jytodre0210 through kakaotalk. Dont hesitate !

  65. erin Says:

    where can i fill up the form

    1. kongbubang Says:

      At the lobby place of the class.

  66. Katie Says:

    Hello! When does a new semester start? I just got here to South Korea and I’m looking for a program. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      We have only 3 semesters a year.
      I will update the 3rd semester schedule soon.

  67. Katie Says:

    Hello! When does a new semester begin?

    1. kongbubang Says:

      We have only 3 semesters a year.
      I will update the 3rd semester schedule soon.

  68. 가인 Says:


    전 외국어대학교에 디녀요. 2급에서 한국어를 배우고 있는데 Kongbubang에 한 번 가 보고 싶어요. 그럼 언제 가도 돼요?

    1. kongbubang Says:

      언제든지 오세요.

  69. lita Says:

    Is this service still available?

    1. kongbubang Says:


  70. When will the 4th semester start for 2013?

    1. kongbubang Says:

      We have only 3 semesters a year.
      I will update the 3rd semester schedule soon.

  71. Nicolas Says:

    Hello I’d like to join the class, when do you start for 2013?

    1. kongbubang Says:

      We have only 3 semesters a year.
      I will update the 3rd semester schedule soon.

  72. A Says:

    i am in cameroon it possible to travel and do the korean program?please let me know.

    1. kongbubang Says:

      You can come whenever you want when we have classes.

  73. David Says:

    Can i come today for the first time?

    1. kongbubang Says:

      You can come whenever you want when we have classes.

  74. nicerangel Says:

    hi im kristhel can i join your class but im far from seoul i have class here but once a week so i miss days no classes i want to learn more you have free online class??thank you

    1. kongbubang Says:

      We are planning to upload the classes on internet, but it is just a plan yet.

  75. When I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added
    I get four emails with the same comment. Perhaps there is an
    easy method you are able to remove me from that service?
    Many thanks!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Yeah, I am sorry for the trouble. I just changed the setting.

  76. lama hisey Says:

    i em from nepal ……so can i join this class….coz there is no name of my country in list of admit post …….how can i join ….will they take a test??or

    1. kongbubang Says:

      You just need to come to the class and fill a registration form.

  77. haichauvu Says:

    Hi, it’s so great to find out your class. Up to now, I’ve studied Korean for about 7-8 months (but not continuously) and from different textbooks so I don’t know my level quite well (So I wrote something in Korean below, hope you can tell me which level might suit me ^_^).

    What should I do to join your class, and also about the level test?

    안녕하세요? 당신의 한글 공부방를 찾을 수 있을때 기분이 왕전 좋네요. 저는 이제 한국어를 배운 지 8-9개월 됐지만 여기저기에서 여러 교책을 배워서 레벨을 잘못 몰라요. 혹시 저는 한국어를 배우러 여기에 가고 싶으면 어떻게 되세요? 레벨 시험도 어떻게 되세요?

    1. kongbubang Says:

      한글공부방에서 공부하려면 수업이 있는 날 그냥 오시면 됩니다. 레벨 시험은 따로 없어요.

  78. rania berkat Says:

    hello im rania from algeria i wnat to study korean language then go to university of korea howa can i do that !!!!!!!!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      I am sorry, we are not professional about your question~~ Try!! There will be always a way!!!

  79. Nicolas et Justine Says:


    We’re arriving on September 6th in Seoul and we would like to join us. But we’re wondering if you will start a new semester for fall 2013?

    Thank you for your answer!
    Nicolas and Justine.

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Yes, We will have another semester.
      I will update the new semester schedule soon!!

  80. adri1970 Says:


    I find your dedication really amazing.

    I’m going to spend a month in Seoul (from mid Sep to mid Oct) and would like to know if you are planning to continue teaching Korean (either Thursday or Saturday classes) after the above mentioned second semester.
    I would be happy to join your course.
    Thanks for your reply in advance!


    1. kongbubang Says:

      I will upload the new semester schedule soon!!

  81. Joanne Says:


    I am on a business assignment in Seoul from September to November. I took some Korean Language classes, beginner level, in my home country and is able to read Hangul and understand some basic phrases. However, I am not able to speak or listen well enough to understand when my Korean colleagues converse to each other. I wish to join the Thursday classes beginning from 10 Oct. May I know whether should I be joining Level 1 or 2?
    Thank you!

  82. Franciz Says:


    Good afternoon my name is Franciz I’m from the Philippines. I start working here in korea last November 11, I tried to learn korean language by myself but its quit not easy without proper guidance, I do manage to read the hangul but I don’t understand what it means….. How to register on the Korean language class? and how much it cost…?

    Thank you!

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hi, Franciz

      Sorry for our late reply.
      We are offering free Korean classes, but we ask 1000 won donation for a lesson. Also, you may need to purchase a textbook for the level 2 class.

  83. Jae Fatima Says:


    I’m going to stay at Seoul for few months starting next march and will arrive on 11th March 2014. So, I guess I’ll miss both (Saturday & Thursday) first class. This is my first time in Korea & i’m currently learning korean by myself via the internet and watching korean drama.

    This is totally great for first-timer like me because not only we get to learn/brush up our korean but we also get to meet the local and other travelers.

    Thanks a lot for doing this & looking forward to attend the class! :)


    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hi, Jae

      Although you miss the first class, you still can join the second or third class. See you in March!!!

  84. Diana Says:


    My name is Diana, im going to stay in Seoul in the next few months. Its my 3rd time in Korea, i already studied in Daegu University and by myself. My question is is there any classes in January which i can join? Waiting for your answer and thanks to reply :)

    1. kongbubang Says:

      Hi, Diana. We don’t have classes for January. Sorry about that. Please come in March if you can.

      1. Diana Says:

        Okay I will see than :) thanks for reply

  85. adeel yousaf Says:

    hi, my name is adeel. i am from Pakistan. first smstr start in march. i want learn korean and i want admission for march smstr. when i come for admission?

    1. Diana Says:

      Hi Everyone~i wanna to join ur group to low intermediate or intermediate it better to wait until new semester starting or after registration anytime could i join? Than please let me know the lesson schedule:) thanks and waiting your answer~~~^^

  86. Ezat Osman Says:

    Im Ezat, i would like to join Korean Language Class for March semester.
    Could you email me the details and procedure to enter this class.


  87. Kathy Tam Says:

    hi, I want to join March classes, I can have 1-8 lessons, but I will leave korea in May, so I will miss 9-10 lessons, Is it possible to join it? is yes, please let me know how to registration, thank you!

  88. Bhibie Says:

    Hi, my name is Bhibie and I am Laotian. I plan to be in Seoul in the middle of October and I am very interested in your class. I’ve studied Korean by myself and now I can read and write a little bit but I am still not sure what level I am because even I can read but not fluent and don’t understand the meaning. anywhere, I will absolutely join the class but just would like to make sure that if I join in October that will be in the middle of the semester, won’t it?

    I am waiting to hearing the answer from you.


  89. Togden Says:

    Hello everyone at Hangul Kongbubang!

    I went to my first-ever Korean class today (Saturday, May 10th, 2014) and would like to thank you for doing what you do. It is very kind of you to offer your time and skills to benefit others.

    I’m looking forward to more classes and perhaps even to the opportunity to help you in some small way.

    I expect to be there on Thursday again, but will not be able to attend class next Saturday.

    Best wishes and thank you again!


  90. Diana Says:

    Hi Everyone~i wanna to join ur group to low intermediate or intermediate it better to wait until new semester starting or after registration anytime could i join? Than please let me know the lesson schedule:) thanks and waiting your answer~~~^^

  91. Abdul Says:

    Greetings from Abdul
    I am really impressed with your work and wanna learn Korean but do not know even the Alphabets,, so can you suggest me any time when i can start from beginning. I will be very thankful to you
    kindly tell me about the class timing and days of the week, I prefer on weekend but can manage during the week as well.
    Hoping to hear from you soon
    Email :
    Kakao: +861048836223

  92. roshi Says:

    i’m really thankful that i find you !!
    my question is : can i take student visa during studying korean in kongbubang ???

  93. Kelsey Says:

    Hello. I just wanted to write a comment here since I saw that there weren’t too many recent ones.

    Thank you so much for offering this class for free, as volunteers. It’s really incredible. I went during my 2 month stay in Korean and learned so much, the teachers and kind and patient. Even if you’re located far from Sook Myeong, it’s worth the commute to get there.

  94. bala Says:

    hello sir ,
    i m a indian ,,, i want to study for “topik” can i come thr for studying korean language for level 0 and how do i get visa to study in your institute,,,,,

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    Keep writing!

  97. anonymous Says:

    hi, will another semester start soon after the 25th?

  98. Asa Says:

    Very nice article. I definitely love this site. Keep it up!

  99. jeaniel03 Says:

    I would like to join the Korea class but I am too late for the above. Will you be creating another set of classes for Fall/Winter 2014?

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