About Us

What is Hangul Kongbubang?

‘Hangul Kongbubang’ literally means Korean study room in English.

Hangul: The Korean Language

Kongbu: Study

Bang: Room


Anyone whos been in Korea for at least a month has seen many establishments with the names ending in “bang” (방), such as NoraeBang, VideoBang and GameBang. Bang means a room in Korean. A room is a private place where you feel comfortable, as you already know.


We started Hangul Kongbubang in October of 2000 at a small Kongbubang building. It was in a small room that was also used as a small library for local residents. From there, we moved to our present place of Gal Wol Community Welfare Center in December 2004.


All of our teachers are volunteers who have a passion for helping foreigners learn the Korean language. We come from different types of occupational backgrounds and are brought together for this common interest. Throughout the years, we have grown together as a family and built a strong relationship with each other.


We would like take advantage of this opportunity and express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Lee, the manager of Namyoung dong Kongbubang, our previous place, and Mr. Yu, the manager of Gal Wol Community Welfare Center, our present place, for thier kind support and help.


We would also like to thank all our students throughout the years for joining our classes and encouraging us! Learning the Korean language is not easy and we understand. There is no short-cut in learning a foreign language except speaking, reading and writing it a continuously! This can become very boring and dull. We approach our teaching methods in a way that will keep you learning and having fun at the same time.


Who Are We?

Front Row (Lt To Rt): Young Joo, KyungHwa Jung, SangHyun, Joanna, YunJin. Back Row (Lt To Rt): JungHwa, Sam, Will, Wookie, Jenna, MoonYoung.

Front Row (Lt To Rt): Young Joo, KyungHwa, SangHyun, Joanna, YunJin.
Back Row (Lt To Rt): JungHwa, Sam, William, YongWook, Jenna, MoonYoung.

Level 0:

Sam Blackwell (Sat)

William Lee (Sat)

Level 1:

YongWook Jung (Sat)

KyungHwa Jung (Sat)

TaeShik Cho (Thrs)

William Lee (Thrs)

Level 2:

SangHyun Ahn (Thrs & Sat)

SoHyun Jung (Sat)

SungSoo Shin (Thrs)

Level 3:

YunJin Lee (Sat)

JungHwa Pyun (Sat)

Level 4:

YoungJoo Lee (Sat)

YongChul Cho (Sat)


 Former teachers


Ms. Youngsook Song

Ms. MinHee Lee(Hailie)

Ms. Yoonju Park

Ms. SangIm Park(Michelle)

Mr. Seung Jun Lee

Mr. D.H Kim (Kay)

Ms. Yeseul Shin

Ms. EunSook Kim(Cathy)

Mr. Stephen Kam

Ms. Kim Ji-Sook

Ms. Ko Eun-Ha

Mr. Joon-Seo

Ms. Yeop Seong-Shim

Ms. Song Min-Young

Mr. Seok Jae-Ok

Ms. Choi Song-Soon

Ms. Kwon Oh-Young

Mr.  Wonpyo Hong

Ms. Hyangmi Lee

Ms. Jiyoung Han

Ms. Sunkyoung Park

Mr. Jiho Park

Ms. Hye Sung Oh(Leila)

Ms. Jiyeon Kim

Ms. Jiyeong Han

Mr. Gwanghyun Ahn

Ms. Sangmi Park

Ms. Hyesun Lee

Ms. Jae Eun Yoo

Ms. Jiyeon Ryu

Ms. Soyoung Yoon

Ms. YeoJin Choi

Ms. Jenna Lim

Ms. YuJin Ahn

Ms. SaeBom Park