Due to the shortage of the community center classrooms,  we decided to merge level 0 and level 1 into one level. Also, we will have level 4 class at Jesus Coffee shop next to the community center.

In level 1 class, we will teach how to read Korean for 2~3 weeks. If you want to join the level 1 class in the middle of the semester, please make sure you have basic knowledge of reading Korean.

We really want to keep our 5 classes and have been trying hard to keep those classes. But due to the community center’s policy, we were unable to keep those classes. Please understand. Thanks!!

1. 2015  First Semester Schedule 

Saturday Class   Level 1 ~ 4   4:00 ~ 5:30 PM

Feb 28  LESSON 01
Mar 07 LESSON 02
Mar 14 LESSON 03
Mar 21 LESSON 04
Mar 28 LESSON 05
Apr 04 LESSON 06
Apr 11 LESSON 07
Apr 18 LESSON 08
Apr 25 LESSON 09


Thursday Class   Level 1 ~ 2   7:30 ~ 9:00 PM

Feb 26  LESSON 01
Mar 05 LESSON 02
Mar 12 LESSON 03
Mar 19 LESSON 04
Mar 26 LESSON 05
Apr 02 LESSON 06
Apr 09 LESSON 07
Apr 16 LESSON 08
Apr 23 LESSON 09



GAL WOL COMMUNITY WELFARE CENTER     갈월 종합 사회 복지관 51-19 Galwol-dong (144 Huamdong-gil), Yongsang-gu, Seoul   Registration – The Entrance Hall (1F) Level 0 –  6th Floor Level 0, 2 – 6th  Floor Level 1, 3, 4 -2nd Floor I would like to recommend you to use SUBWAY (blue line)! If you come to Sookmyong Women’s University Station, go out through exit number 2!! You will see a main street on your right. Don’t turn around, don’t turn left or right, just follow the road around. You will pass the bakery on the next junction and keep walking until you see a sign saying “Namyoung-doing office” in English (it will take about 3-5 minutes). Our building is located next to the Namyoung-dong office (between Namyoung-dong office and a school). It is a very modern building. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any English sign, we will try to put a small sign on the main door, if it is possible, dear. Walk into the building and take the elevator to the main entrance for registration. If you have any problem to locate our new building or if you have any question, please call Haemin 010-3374-9389, Sanhyun 010-6807-8985  


LEVEL  1 – Basic class for Basic Korean learners

We teach how to read Korean for 1~2 weeks. If you want to join the class in the middle of the semester, please make it sure that you have basic knowledge of reading Korean.

– taught in half English and half Korean.   

LEVEL 2 – Class for Beginners and low intermediates – taught in English & Korean

Amazingly there are a lot of people who tried to learn Korean by themselves. And many of them reach the level of reading and writing Korean language! And shockingly they stop trying there!!^^ This class is for them who can read and write but need a lot of practice!!  It is using 야생 한국어 – Wild Korean textbook.   It is highly recommended to purchase this book for this class. You can buy it in the class.

LEVEL 3 – Intermediate Level – taught in Korean

This class is for people who can read and write well but need some grammatical understanding and practice. It is focused on improving speaking ability with a grammatical understanding of Korean language. It is to help people’s understanding of basic structures of Korean language so that people can create their own sentences using the frame that they learn. It is not a Grammar classes! You will learn basic structures which are hidden in Korean daily conversation!

LEVEL 4 – Advanced Level – taught in Korean

This class is for the student who can speak Korean quite well and wants to practice his/her Korean more!

Due to the shortage of classroom, we have this class at a coffee shop next to the community center.



Not Necessary! We will ask you to fill out a simple form asking about you! After filling out that form, you can take part in our class!! Since we are not a language institute, there is not a term or a semester! A new visitor can take one of the classes at any Saturday when she/he makes her/his first visit


It depends on teachers. We visit a big book store(Kyobo bookstore) to check if any good book for students is published! If a teacher uses a text book, he/she will make copies of the materials for students! So you don’t have to worry about this! Level 2 class  is using 야생 한국어 – Wild Korean textbook.   It is highly recommended to purchase this book for this class. You can buy it in the class.

6. F.A.Q.

There are some questions that I have been asked by people who called me or e-mailed me to ask about our Korean Classes. You can see other detail information on our classes in “intro” though.

Q1. How many students do you have? Usually there are more than 20students including new visitors. And nowadays, I mean, for the last 2 weeks there were more than 40 students. We have 4 classes for each level from the total beginner to the advanced. And there are 12-15 students for each class. Nowadays we have a lot of students who just start their Korean study. So we will have to think of changing the classroom for the bigger one.

Q2. Where are they from? Nationalities of our students are very various. USA, Canada, England, Scotland, China, New Zealand, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, Israel, South Africa, France… I will have to add more …

Q3. do you have any textbook?   As I said above, it depends on the teachers for each class. But I believe there will be some friends who really want to have the specific information about the materials. It is for you! Each level, teachers prepare the copies which they will teach of the day. Just donate 1,000 Won for your copies after class.

Q4. Why is it free? Good-will, give and take.

Q5. What do I have to carry for taking the class? As I said, you don’t have to carry anything except some basic things for studying such as a pen and some paper. When you safely arrive at our classroom, we will ask you to fill out an information form about yourself. And you can try any class that you are interested in. and if it is too easy or too difficult for you to follow, you can stand up and move into a different class! No problem!!

Q6. Do I need to register for the class? It is already answered above, isn’t it? Since we are not a language institute or like that there is no specific semester or term. But we try to make our class more informative and helpful for you guys, so new idea and comments on the classes will be greatly appreciated. More question about our classes? You know what to do… Please feel free to contact Haemin(Hannah) or  Sanghyun