If you’re tired of the language exchange programs where you spend 10,000 won per meetup and don’t learn much, you will love our system. We offer actual classes with a curriculum. Our volunteer teachers who have a wide range of experience are here to teach and help those wanting to learn and understand the language. Our classes offer 5 different levels from absolute beginners who can’t read or write to advanced levels that involve understanding complex grammar, high-level vocabulary and practice free talking. You can find all the information you need below.

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GAL WOL COMMUNITY WELFARE CENTER     갈월 종합 사회 복지관 51-19 Galwol-dong (144 Huamdong-gil), Yongsan-gu, Seoul. We recommend you take the SUBWAY (blue line)! If you come to Sookmyong Women’s University Station, go out through exit number 2!! follow the main street on your right. Don’t turn around, don’t turn left or right, just follow the road. You will walk pass a bakery, Domino’s Pizza and GS25. When you get to a building with a sign saying “Namyoung-dong office” in English your practically there. Our building is located next to the Namyoung-dong office (between Namyoung-dong office and a school). It is a very modern building. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an English sign. We will try to put a small sign on the main door, if possible. Walk into the building and you will see our friendly teachers waiting to help. If you have trouble locating our building or if you have any question, please call Sanghyun 010-6807-8985 or Will 010-6636-8911.  

Registration –  In your classroom, when we have lessons.

Level 1 & 2 – 6th  Floor

Level 3 – 2nd Floor

Level 4 – Meet at the first floor of the welfare center and move to Jesus Coffee.


LEVEL  1 – Korean Alphabet class + Class for Beginners – taught in English & Korean

We will teach you the Korean alphabet and how to read with an emphasis on the proper pronunciation for 3 lessons. From lesson 4, we teach basic expressions for beginners. You will be able to speak in basic sentences and understand basic conversations at the end of the semester.  Lessons for this class will be taught using 순한 한국어 – Mild Korean textbook.

LEVEL 2 – Class for low intermediates – taught in English & Korean

Amazingly there are a lot of people who tried to learn Korean by themselves. And many of them reach the level of reading and writing in Korean. Unfortunately, they stop trying there!!^^ This class is for those who can read and write but need a lot of practice!!  Lessons will be taught using 야생 한국어 – Wild Korean textbook.   It is highly recommended you purchase this book for this class. You can buy it in the classroom.

LEVEL 3 – Intermediate Level – taught in Korean

This class is for people who can read and write well but need some grammatical understanding and practice. It is focused on improving speaking ability with a grammatical understanding of the Korean language. It is to help people’s understanding of basic structures of Korean language so that people can create their own sentences using the frame that they learn. It is not just a grammar class! You will learn basic structures which are hidden in Korean daily conversations.

LEVEL 4 – Advanced Level – taught in Korean

This class is for the student who can speak Korean quite well and wants to practice his/her Korean more!

Due to the shortage of classroom, we have this class at a coffee shop next to the community center called Jesus coffee. Meet up will be in the 1st floor of the welfare center.


Registration will be available in the classroom.  You can not pre-register.


Level 3 and 4 do not have a set textbook. Photocopies of that days lesson will be provided. Lesson 1 and 2 use textbooks available for purchase in the class. Textbook prices are between 10,000~15,000 won.

6. F.A.Q.

There are some questions that have come up repeatedly about our Korean Classes. Our answers are below.

Q1. How many students do you have? Usually there are about 30-45 students. Class sizes fluctuate from time to time. We have 5 classes available from absolute beginners to advanced levels. Each class will have between 5 to 15 students each.

Q2. Where are they from? We have students from all over the world. USA, Canada, UK, Scotland, China, New Zealand, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, Israel, South Africa, France…

Q3. do you have any textbook? Please refer to the Textbook section above.

Q4. Why is it free? Good-will, give and take. Please keep in mind, that although its is free, we are only able to do this because we accept 1,000won donation to cover the cost of copies and teaching supplies.This is merely a request and not mandatory.

Q5. What do I need to be bring to class? A pen and paper will be the only thing you will need besides the class textbook.

Q6. Do I need to register for the class? Please refer to the Enrollment section above.

Since we are not a language institute, there is no specific semester or term. But we try to make our class more informative and helpful for you guys, so new ideas and comments on the classes will be greatly appreciated. More questions about our classes? Please feel free to leave a comment on our Q&A section or contact   Seok-Chan / 010-2557-0684 / KAKAO:zmxm111